Service Plans / Repair

Premier Irrigation Services provides a routine “tune-up” for your sprinkler irrigation system. This ¬†involves making sure your sprinkler system is operating properly and efficiently. The service includes:

1. Checking the controller to see if it is set properly

2. Adjust each station’s run time so that it reflects the current season’s watering needs

3. Making sure the rain sensor is functioning so your sprinkler system does not run after it has rained

4. Turn on each individual station to make sure the heads and nozzles are operating properly and there are no leaks or other problems with the system

Whether its a leaky head, broken pipe, or any other sprinkler system problem, we can work with you to fix your problem. Premier Irrigation Services can also locate buried valves or cut and hidden wires. Repairing your system can be a time consuming process because of all the different parts and areas involved. We will evaluate your system and seek to find the most efficient way to fix any problem.