Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip Irrigation System

Premier Irrigation Services can design,  install or retrofit an irrigation system to meet the needs of your flower beds.  Only 40-65% of the water used with spray heads and rotors is actually used to irrigate the intended area.  The majority of water loss comes from evaporation, wind carrying the water away from its intended area, and uneven water distribution.

With drip irrigation 90% of the water consumed goes to the intended plants.  The drip lines are installed at the base of the planting with a row on each side of the plant. The drip line is then covered with mulch out of sight.  Drip irrigation is more efficient because it waters the plants directly and is protected from the sun, heat and wind.  One of the best benefits to the consumer is that drip irrigation does not fall under the same water restrictions as spray and rotor heads do.  As a result, you can water your lawn areas more often or longer on your watering day because you will be able to water the drip areas on your non-watering day.

Sprinkler SystemWater conservation has become a priority in our part of Texas due to the demands put on our water supply and the drought conditions keeping it from being replenished.  Drip irrigation, if installed correctly, allows the consumer to maintain a beautiful landscape while doing it in an efficient manner.  As our restrictions become more severe drip irrigation becomes the best option.